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Jasmine Guillory on Oprah and baking...


Your current TV obsession?

The Great British Bake Off show. I promise, I’m not just saying that because this is a UK audience, I love the show so much. It’s so fun to watch: kind, soothing, educational and I manage to simultaneously cheer for all of the bakers at once. It makes me so happy, though it has more than once caused me to get up and bake a cake at 10 pm.


Your ultimate comfort food?

French fries. Sometimes with a cheeseburger too, but the fries are the most important part. My favorite are the thin (but not shoestring thin) kind, but there are very few types of fried potato that I dislike.


The last thing you saw at the cinema?

The Last Jedi. I've been a Star Wars fan since I was little, and I'm enjoying this most recent batch of movies a lot.


To dunk cookies or not?

Well, it depends on the cookie, doesn’t it? Oreos, yes. Chocolate chip cookies, sometimes. Oatmeal raisin cookies, almost never.


If you could star in any role?

I’d be Oprah, in the movie about her life!


Your most-used cookbook?

Doris Greenspan’s Baking, From My Home To Yours. It’s the first book I consult when I know I need to or am in the mood to bake something.


Tea or coffee?

Coffee! But tea has better related snacks. 


The show you wish had not been cancelled?

Parks and Recreation. I could have watched twice as many seasons of that show and still wanted more.


Starter or dessert?

Starter! Some of my favorite meals are when my friends and I order all appetizer meals.


The reality TV show(s) you would go on?

Say Yes to the Dress. I’ve been a bridesmaid a LOT; I’ve done this in real life so many times. I’d have a lot of fun doing it on TV, either as a bride, a member of the bride’s entourage, or a salesperson. 


Headline Eternal

The Wedding Date

By Jasmine Guillory

One of Cosmopolitan's 33 Books to Get Excited About in 2018!

A feel-good romance to warm your heart, for fans of Jo Watson, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin. A groomsman and his last-minute guest are about to discover if a fake date can go the distance in this 'charming, warm, sexy gem of a novel' (Roxane Gay).

On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew Nichols is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend...

Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is not something Alexa Monroe would normally do. But Drew's proposal proves hard to resist.

After their wedding date turns into a whole weekend of fun in San Francisco, Drew and Alexa return to their all-consuming careers - his in LA and hers in Berkeley. Too bad they can't stop thinking about each other...

It could be the long-distance dating disaster of the century - or Drew and Alexa could be just a flight away from what each of them truly wants.

What a charming, warm, sexy gem of a novel. I couldn't put The Wedding Date down. I love a good romance and this delivered from the first page to the last... One of the best books I've read in a whileThe Wedding Date brims with personality. It's funny, deeply honest, and above all, truly swoony - the kind of all-consuming romance where you hold your breath with delight as two wonderful people start to find each other, like the best possible version of real life. We can't wait to read more from Jasmine GuilloryA fun and flirty novel for fans of Jo Watson, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin.

Jasmine Guillory is a graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford Law School. She is a Bay Area native who has towering stacks of books in her living room, a cake recipe for every occasion, and upwards of 50 lipsticks.

Visit her website: www.jasmineguillory.com, find her on Facebook www.facebook.com/jasmineguillorywriter and follow her on Twitter @thebestjasmine and Instagram @jasminepics for more information.

A GREAT ROMANCE HOOK AND AN EXCITING NEW VOICE: The Wedding Date is a fresh and sexy contemporary romance with great heart, warmth and emotional depth - a winning combination! Perfect for fans of Jo Watson, Debbie Johnson and Sarah Morgan.HEADLINE ETERNAL: Whether your taste runs to passionate, romantic historicals, sizzling, exciting suspense, edgy, provocative paranormals, heart-warming and sexy contemporaries or intense and emotionally powerful new adult romances, Headline Eternal is the home of exceptional romance for every mood.