Catch up with J Kenner


To celebrate publication of the sizzling IGNITED this month, Book Three in the Most Wanted trilogy, we catch up with superstar J. Kenner.


Can you tell us what inspired you to write the Most Wanted trilogy?

 I really enjoy writing dark and dangerous heroes – very gothic, really, when you consider that my books are told from the woman’s point of view – and, when I was brainstorming new ideas, I thought there really couldn’t be anything darker or more dangerous than guys who embrace their criminal past (and present!). Thus, these three friends were born and their stories developed from there!


Was there a book in the Most Wanted trilogy that you found the most challenging to write? And the most satisfying?

 All of them were satisfying to write. There’s something very cathartic about writing (and reading) books featuring broken people who heal, at least somewhat, throughout the course of the story. But as for challenging, that would probably be Ignited. Cole is by far the most broken of the Knights, and he pushes Kat further than Tyler and Cole pushed Angie and Sloane, respectively. So that was a challenge, but very, very satisfying!


As well as the Most Wanted trilogy, you’ve also created the hugely popular Stark series. What do you think it is about Nikki and Damien that so captured your readers’ hearts?

Ah, to be able to identify and bottle that! 

 I think it has to do with the core of who they are, especially Damien. He’s incredibly powerful, and won’t hesitate to use that power. But despite pretty much running the world, he is completely and utterly devoted to Nikki. More than that, he sees all of her faults clearly, and not only is he not scared by them, but he embraces them and helps her deal with them. Who wouldn’t want that? 

 And, yeah, there’s the way he talks to her. He has a way of putting his feelings for her into words that are almost poetic, and certainly seductive!

 Plus, she’s strong and determined, and, I think, that makes her very identifiable for readers!


Have you always wanted to be a writer? What do you love most about your job?      

 Yes!  I’ve never not wanted to be a writer. As for the best part ... I think it’s that I get paid to make stuff up J. That, and going to work in my pajamas. And, of course, interacting with fans. That’s the kind of warm, fuzzy feeling that is hard to describe and is absolutely wonderful!


Do you have the most fun creating your heroes or your heroines?

 Hmm. That’s a hard one, because it depends on the book. But I think I tilt more towards the hero, especially in the first person narrative books where everything is filtered through the heroine’s perception of him.


Do you have a favourite hero or heroine from your books or by any other author?

 I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I love, love, love Damien Stark.  From my other books, Kate Connor from my Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (I absolutely, totally adore her!).  As for other authors, I am a complete fan girl for J. D. Robb’s In Death series. I adore Roarke, but Eve is my favorite.


Who are the authors you read for pleasure?

 Waaaaay too many to name, and yet I don’t read nearly often enough anymore. Right now, I’m reading John August, Diana Gabaldon, J. D. Robb, and J. K. Rowling (yeah, I’m re-reading Harry Potter!).


If you could take only three essentials with you to a desert island what would they be?

 My iPad (loaded with books) and it’s attached keyboard so that I can read and write; a solar generator, so that it never goes dead and I can keep buying more books; food, so that I don’t expire and can continue to read books.


Who would be on your dream dinner party guest list, dead or alive?

 Dee Davis, Julia London, Sherri Erwin and Kathleen O’Reilly, because they are awesome friends and I don’t see enough of them!


What are your guilty pleasures?

 Watching and re-watching my favorite TV shows – right now that’s Lost, Sherlock and Alias.


There’s so much interest and excitement around romance fiction right now. What do you think that romance readers are looking for in the romances they read today?

 I think that the fantasy is the bottom line. There’s a reason that romance has always been one of the bestselling genres in fiction. Readers want to be swept off their feet by the story, but also by the relationship. And considering the stresses in our daily lives, who wouldn’t want a happily ever after?


Can you give us a hint of what we have to look forward to from J. Kenner in the near future? Do we hear there might be more to come from Mr Stark?


I’m doing a continuing series of novellas that feature the lives of Nikki and Damien! Their story really was a trilogy – but that doesn’t mean that life doesn’t go on after ‘the end’. So I’m calling these novellas ‘Stark Ever After’. The first one, Have Me, centers around Nikki and Damien on their honeymoon and is out in November!

 The next one, Play My Game, is centered around some business deals and will be out in February. The cool thing about Play My Game is that it introduces Jackson Steele, the super-sexy, mysterious new hero from an all-new trilogy of novels set in the world of Stark International. The first of the trilogy, Say My Name, is out in April, followed by On My Knees and Under My Skin.  And, of course, since we’re in Damien’s world, readers can expect cameos from Damien and Nikki (and even a bit more than a cameo ... but I don’t want to give too much away!). I’m deep into writing Say My Name right now, and I am absolutely loving the story and loving Jackson. I hope readers do, too!


The breathtakingly sexy and intoxicating IGNITED is out now in paperback and ebook.