What Makes A Hero?

Headline Eternal authors discuss their favourite heroes


Last week in celebration of Valentine's Day we asked our authors to share a little bit about their favourite heroes. If you missed their answers, here is what they said:



Headline Eternal is celebrating romance all week long, discussing our favourite heroes and giving away fabulous prizes!

It's time to talk about heroines

The Headline Eternal team have been celebrating romance all week long with a Valentine’s Day Countdown competition, and by talking about the heroes that make us and our authors swoon. Now it’s the big day, and while we’re still talking about our heroes over at headlineeternal.com and giving fans a chance to win, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to give a nod to the other half of the romance equation: heroines. Our heroines, what a delight they are! They’re admired for their ‘intelligence’, ‘loyalty, honour, courage’, ‘snarky sense of humour’, and ‘deep sensitivity and understanding’; for being ‘completely devoted’, ‘loyal to a fault’, ‘smart, dangerous and sexy as hell’; and for their willingness to ‘do anything for the people [they] love’ and their ability to ‘slay monsters’. If you’ve been reading what our authors have to say about their favourite heroes, every one of those words will be familiar - they’re taken directly from our authors’ hero descriptions. But we firmly believe that these words fit our heroines just as well as they do the heroes. The heroines created by our Eternal authors are as versatile as the men they fall in love with. They run the gambit from quiet strength to butt-kicking women; they are by turns shy, bold, funny, serious and more. They are high-powered professionals, stellar mothers, or struggling young women . . . and more often than not are a blend of some of the above. Our authors don’t write cookie-cutter heroines - though they may be expert bakers. A quick peek at one day in Eternal’s publishing might just be the proof in the pudding, when on the 4th of March we release the following unforgettable selection: First up is Tara Sue Me’s Seduced By Fire, starring Julie Masterson. A young woman who owns her own business with her best friend, isn’t afraid to speak up when she sees something wrong, and just may find what she’s looking for in submission to the man of her dreams. J. D. Tyler’s Cole’s Redemption features Selene Westfall, a woman whose claws prove just as deadly as her mate’s, and those of the father she’s determined to take her revenge on. Selene’s challenges will prove both physical and emotional. Given by Kelli Maine continues the story of Rachael DeSalvo: Innocent victim? Jealous girlfriend? Loyal partner? Haunted woman? Protective lover? You’ll have to read it to find out what’s true. The Dark Affair by Máire Claremont is all about Lady Margaret Cassidy. Though a woman in a time when ladies were seen but not often heard, Margaret will fight for what her patients need, but will she have what it takes to save her brother, and the courage to gamble it all on one chance at happiness? And to top it all off, we’ll publish Four Years Later by Monica Murphy - the story of Chelsea Simmons, a brilliant college student struggling to make ends meet, support her dysfunctional family, survive the betrayal of her father and figure out just what could possibly be between her and the handsome, troubled football-star Owen Maguire. So here’s to the women who make our heroes’ hearts beat a little bit faster, who fall madly in love, who make us laugh as we turn each page; and to our authors who create them and the readers that love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!