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BITTERBLUE – Monsters cast long shadows… (Chapter One)

Welcome back to our Red, White and BITTERBLUE Mondays! This week Paul S has written a brilliant introduction to BITTERBLUE.  We’ve also got a first chapter extract of BITTERBLUE and an amazing competition. So read on for all the details you’ll need to participate in this week’s Red, White and Bitterblue Monday!   Kristin Cashore’s […]

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Gollancz acquires new Stephen Hunt trilogy

Gillian Redfearn, Editorial Director of Gollancz, has acquired a three-book fantasy series by Stephen Hunt.  The first novel is called In Dark Service, the first in The Far-Called trilogy.  The agent was John Jarrold and the first volume will be published in 2013. Stephen is the author of six fantasy novels published by HarperCollins Voyager […]

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I love world-building. I hate world-building. “This much is true of place: we are immersed in it and could not be without it. To be at all is to be somewhere . . . we are surrounded by places. Nothing we do is unplaced.” – Edward Casey Our experience of this world is partial, fractured, confused […]

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Introducing the First Teaser Trailer for Joe Abercrombie's A RED COUNTRY

A Red Country Teaser Trailer We are delighted to be able to bring you the first teaser trailer for Joe Abercrombie’s A RED COUNTRY! Pay very close attention and watch those hand prints! Enjoy!

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A further sneak peek inside DEADLOCKED: Chapter Two

We are delighted to be able to be able to exclusively share with you the second chapter of Deadlocked. What a Tuesday treat! Can’t wait till May 1st to catch up with Sookie? Here’s an early trip to Bon Temps!      Chapter Two Fairies. Never simple. My grandmother Adele would definitely have agreed. She’d […]

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Back from Eastercon with big news!

Gollancz is fresh back from a very successful Eastercon, and with an astounding haul of Award wins, and Award nominations!   The British Science Fiction Awards   Yesterday our very own Christopher Priest won the BSFA award for Best Science Fiction Novel, for his wonderful novel The Islanders.       We were also thrilled […]

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The Gemmell Awards 2012

Today we’re thrilled to have another guest blogger on the blog. Following the delightful Pornokitsch joining us to talk about the ethos behind their award, today we have Stan Nicholls, Chairman of the David Gemmell Legend Awards, with a little bit about how the award came about, and what it’s designed to do. And watch […]

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A Sneak Peek inside Deadlocked . . . .

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series. I’m an unabashed Charlaine Harris fan girl. I know there are a lot of others out there like me. We have our own club. There’s a secret handshake. I know you’re all dying to join (bad pun intended). We’ll be accepting new members from 1st May. (Yes, that’s an […]

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Wise and Wonderful: Introducing Bitterblue

I absolutely love Kristin Cashore’s novels . . . perhaps, as I’m her UK editor, that comes as no surprise. But I was asked a few days ago if I could put my finger on what makes her novels stand out so vividly. Many books are beautifully, evocatively and powerfully written. Many have strong, determined […]

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Right to review . . . ?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a little while, initially after this internet kerfuffle involving Strange Horizons, and now reminded by this one between Christopher Priest and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. I don’t mean to downplay how hurtful either incident – or the many similar ones which happen regularly on the internet […]

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Songs of the Earth- Chapter Five: Magic

Chapter Five: Magic Magic, rising, swelling into many voices. It filled the air around Gair and time slowed. Tiny details became sharply, painfully clear. Gorse-flowers blazed bright as flames on the viridian bushes. A billion motes of dust spangled the air. Hooves rose and fell as if through treacle and each hoof-beat boomed round his […]

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Songs of the Earth- Chapter Four: Gatekeeper

Chapter Four: Gatekeeper Masen breathed out slowly. His breath curled into steam on the frosty air and disappeared into the bare branches of the trees around him. He had to be careful now, not make the slightest sound, or his quarry would hear him, despite the chatter of the stony river. The stag’s hearing was […]

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