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Find your next Eternal Book Boyfriend with our Dating Profiles

Meet Eli Pickett…

Name: Eli Pickett Location: Wyoming Profession: Rancher Age: Thirty-two Body type: Tall, dark, handsome, and cowboy Hair: Short and dark Eyes: Silvery gray Dress sense: Tan cowboy hat, red flannel shirt and dark jeans with a belt buckle Perfect match: A woman who is […]

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Meet Zach Powers…

Will caring Zach, from Jaci Burton’s Hope series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Zach Powers Location: Hope, Oklahoma Profession: Former pro football player Body type: Zach may not be able to play professionally any more, […]

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Meet Erik Morgan…

Will focussed Erik, from Laura Griffin’s Desperate Girls, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?    Name: Erik Morgan Location: Texas Profession: Team Leader at Wolfe Security Age: Thirty-three Height: Six foot, give or take a few centimetres Body […]

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Meet Ares Kincaid…

Will determined Ares, from Samantha Towle’s Gods series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Ares Kincaid Location: New York City Profession: Quarterback for the New York Giants Age: Early twenties Height: Well over six feet tall […]

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Meet Quinn Bryant…

Will fun Quinn, from Shana Gray’s Girls’ Weekend Away series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Quinn Bryant Location: New York City Profession: Professional gambler Age: Early thirties Body type: Powerful and muscular Hair: Dark hair […]

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Meet Hunter Cross…

Will generous Hunter, from Lauren Layne’s Oxford series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Hunter Cross Location: New York City Profession: Head of digital operations at Oxford magazine Age: Thirties Height: Six foot Body type: Broad […]

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Meet Marcus Lewis…

Will logical Marcus, from Jo Watson’s Destination Love series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Marcus Lewis Location: Johannesburg, Nairobi, Mombasa, and anywhere else life with Stormy-Rain will take him Profession: Partner at a law firm […]

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Meet Mark Capriotti…

Will delectable Mark Capriotti, from Jill Shalvis’s Wildstone series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Marcus ‘Mark’ Antony Edward Capriotti Location: Wildstone, California Profession: Deputy Sheriff of Wildstone Age: Thirty-two Height: Tall (also dark and handsome) […]

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Meet Knox Price…

Will cynical Knox Price, from Jessica Clare’s Roughneck Billionaires series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Knox Price Location: Texas Profession:  Shareholder in Price Brothers Oil Age: Twenty three Body type: Tall, tanned and muscular Hair: […]

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Meet Griffin Archer…

Will logical Griffin, from Alexandra Ivy’s What Are You Afraid Of?, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Griffin ‘Griff’ Archer Location: California, USA Profession: Co-founded a successful business licensing and maintaining a database for tracking cybercriminals […]

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Meet Gregory Vyse…

Will intelligent Gregory, from Sabrina Jeffries’s Sinful Suitors series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Gregory Vyse, Baron Fulkham Location: Regency London Profession: Officially, the Undersecretary of State for War and the Colonies; unofficially, spymaster for […]

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Meet Zeus Kincaid…

Will passionate Zeus, from Samantha Towle’s Ruin, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Zeus ‘The God’ Kincaid Location: New York City Profession: Heavyweight champion boxer of the world Age: Twenty-six Height: Six foot five Body type: […]

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