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Meet Alec Flynn…

Will hot and mysterious Alec, from Sierra Kincade’s Body Work trilogy, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Alec Flynn

Location: Tampa, Florida

Profession: Unconventional (a little shady) bodyguard for Maxim Stein, owner of Force Aviation and one of the wealthiest men in the US

Age: 29

Height: Six foot plus

Body type: Big, big, big and extremely built

Hair: Like an Abercrombie model – luscious coffee coloured hair,

Eyes: Intense dark blue eyes, like the Bay

Dress sense: On duty: black slacks, button up shirt, dark glasses

In a nutshell: Mysterious and guarded, with a troubled past. Loyal, with a strong moral compass at his core

Perfect match: A feisty, strong-willed and sexy woman

Ideal date: The best low-key burger joint in the Bay

Interests: Plane engines and mechanics, working out

Random fact: Currently on parole after spending three months in prison

Find him in: Sierra Kincade’s The Body Work Trilogy (The Masseuse, The Distraction, The Confession)