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Meet Prince Alexsey Romanovin…

Will rakish Prince Alexsey, from Karen Hawkins’ Princes of Oxenburg series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Prince Alexsey Romanovin

Location: Oxenburg and Regency Scotland

Profession: Royal prince of Oxenburg

Age: His highness is in his mid-twenties

Height: Six foot plus

Body type: Regal and broad shouldered

Hair: Black, tousled hair that falls rakishly into his eyes

Eyes: Twinkling, mischievous dark green eyes framed by long lashes

Dress sense: Usually sports comfortable hunting and riding-wear

In a nutshell: A man of action. A cheeky, devilishly handsome prince that is usually up to no good

Perfect match: A woman who might finally be his match and play him at his own game

Ideal date: A hunting adventure in the woods

Interests: Hunting, shirking royal duties, flirting with fair ladies

Random fact: He’s a rebellious, rule-breaking royal

Find him in: Karen Hawkins’ Princes of Oxenburg series (The Prince Who Loved Me)