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Meet Rev Malloy…

Will tough yet sensitive Rev, from Katie Ashley’s Vicious Cycle series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Nathaniel ‘Reverend’ Malloy

Location: Northern Georgia

Profession: Badass President of the Hell’s Raiders motorcycle club

Age: Late twenties

Height:  Rev is 6’4”, and carries himself like a gentleman

Body type: Intimidatingly ripped and covered in gorgeous tattoos, but a gentle giant

Hair: Mahogany hair that falls to his shoulders, framing his face

Eyes: Kind blue eyes than can turn as cold as ice . . .

Dress sense: Always jeans, T-shirts and his MC leather jacket

In a nutshell: A dangerous man with a damaged soul

Perfect match: Someone as scarred yet caring as he is, with the ability to make something of their lives and let go of their trauma

Ideal date: A civilised dinner-date in the sanctity of his patch

Interests: Reading, caring for his mother, and being a good and fair MC President

Random fact: Rev loves literature, and can quote many poems off by heart

Find him in: Katie Ashley’s Vicious Cycle Series (Hero in Redemption Road, secondary character in Vicious Cycle and Last Mile)