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Meet Rylan Bellamy…

Will seductive Rylan, from Jeanette Grey’s Art of Passion series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Theodore Rylan Bellamy III

Location: Paris, France

Profession: Masquerading as a wanderer, but actually heir to his father’s business

Age: Twenty-seven

Height: Powerfully tall

Body type: Miles of muscle, strong and defined

Hair: Dark, tousled hair

Eyes: Brilliant blue eyes

Dress sense: Stylish and expensive shirts and trousers, plus a ring on a chain around his neck

In a nutshell: A rich man hiding from his own destiny, not expecting true love to find him

Perfect match: A talented woman, able to show him what a contented life is like

Ideal date: Somewhere hidden and unexpected that only he knows about

Interests: Art, exploring new places, picking up women

Random fact: Rylan never refers to himself as Theodore

Find him in: Jeanette Grey’s Art of Passion Series (Seven Nights To Surrender, Eight Ways To Ecstasy, Nine Kinds Of Naughty)