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Meet Damien Bishop…

Will brooding Damien, from Jo Watson’s BURNING MOON be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Damien Bishop

Location: All over the world

Profession: Genius physicist backpacking the globe

Body type: Lean, ripped and chiselled – think Brad Pitt in Fight Club but with more tattoos

Hair: Messy and pitch black

Eyes: Dark, broody and piercing

Dress sense: Sexy black is his signature

In a nutshell: A unique free spirit always seeking the next place to explore

Perfect match: An offbeat woman who shares his sense of adventure

Ideal date: Candles, flowers and a bed on the beach to gaze at the moon

Interests: Travelling the world and studying the galaxies

Random fact: Though he’s a down-to-earth traveller, Damien’s parents are billionaires

Find him in: Jo Watson’s Burning Moon