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Meet Chris Christophersen…

Will cynical Chris, from Jo Watson’s Destination Love series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Gemini Sven Christophersen, answers to Chris

Location: LA, or travelling the world looking for inspiration

Profession: Screenwriter

Age: Thirty-three

Height: Taller than average

Body type: Large, broad and well built

Hair: Messy, dark blond hair with some flecks of grey (think Clooney!) and a five o’clock shadow

Eyes: Blue, so incredibly blue

Dress sense: Casual shirts and shorts, the classic holiday look

In a nutshell:  Friendly and witty, but hiding from his emotions behind a defence of humour

Perfect match: Another slightly bruised soul, to get through his defences

Ideal date: A romantic dinner in an exotic location, preferably with no exes around to ruin the atmosphere

Interests: Writing, reading Cosmo (purely for work purposes), and getting much too carried away with role-playing

Random fact: Has a pug named Chopstick

Find him in: Jo Watson’s Destination Love series (Hero of Almost a Bride)