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Meet Jeremy Keane…

Will charismatic Jeremy, from Sabrina Jeffries’s Sinful Suitors series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?



Name: Jeremy Keane

Location: Regency London

Profession:  Artist, at the cusp of gaining entry to the Royal Academy of Arts

Age: Late twenties

Height: Tall and broad, a big American contrasting against the weedy noblemen filling the London ballrooms

Hair: Thick, golden, tumbling curls

Eyes: Glorious blue eyes

Dress sense: With an artist’s eye for colour, Jeremy dresses towards the daring end of Regency fashion. But cravats and waistcoats are discarded when he is engrossed in painting…

In a nutshell:  The golden curls and blue eyes might make him look like an angel, but Jeremy could tempt anyone to sin!

Perfect match: A woman who knows her own mind, and can keep up with his lively speech and sense of humour

Ideal date: A late night sketching session with a certain model, when no one is around to interrupt…

Interests: Painting, teaching his apprentice, travelling with his work

Random fact: Jeremy grew up near Philadelphia, where his family owned textile mills on the banks of the Brandywine River

Find him in: Sabrina Jeffries’s Sinful Suitors series (hero of The Art of Sinning)