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Meet Heath Jones…

Will powerful Heath, from Rebecca Zanetti’s Blood Brothers series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Heath Jones

Location: Snowville, Washington State

Profession:  Private investigator and co-owner of the Lost Bastards Investigative Agency

Age: Thirty-one

Height: Six foot four

Body type: Broad, muscled

Hair: Wavy brown hair teasing the edge of his collar

Eyes: A piercing greenish gold

Dress sense: Well-fitting jeans and t-shirts

In a nutshell:  Definitely a beneath the surface kind of guy, who will do anything for the people he considers family

Perfect match: A strong, smart and savvy woman, willing to let him protect her now and again

Ideal date: A casual dinner where he can relax and dedicate his attention to the woman in front of him, no covert surveillance needed for once!

Interests: Running, both to stay fit and to stay ahead of the forces hunting him and his brothers

Random fact: Heath’s unusual beginnings have left him uncannily strong and fast

Find him in: Rebecca Zanetti’s Blood Brothers series (Hero of Lethal Lies)