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Meet Deacon Fox…

Will loyal Deacon, from Jaci Burton’s Hope series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Deacon Fox

Location: Hope, Oklahoma

Profession:  Contractor

Age: Thirty-one

Body type: A body honed through physical labour, with a broad chest and wide shoulders perfect for lifting parts of a renovated building, or people…

Hair: Thick and silky-soft

Eyes: Expressive eyes which convey all of his thoughts, and desires…

Dress sense:  Usually wears worn dark jeans and t-shirts for work, but Deacon really steps up his game to impress on a date

In a nutshell:  Cautious, but not cynical, Deacon has been burned by love before but could be persuaded to open that door again for the right woman

Perfect match: An independent woman who is willing to commit to sharing her life with him

Ideal date: A long weekend at a lake house

Interests: Showing people the beauty and history of his country

Random fact: Luckily for a certain new neighbour, Deacon is pretty good at training dogs!

Find him in: Jaci Burton’s Hope series (Hero of Love Me Again)