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Meet Asher Gaites…

Will ardent Asher, from Beth Kery’s Behind The Curtain, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Asher Gaites-Granville

Location: Chicago

Profession:  A Pulitzer Price nominated journalist

Age: Thirty

Height: Six foot three

Body type: Large, lean, muscular and male

Hair: Asher keeps his thick, dark, hair short

Eyes: A vivid and unforgettable blue

Dress sense:  Jeans and a button-down shirt

In a nutshell:  Despite growing up in the lap of luxury, Asher is determined to forge his own path, and refuses to be manipulated by his family

Perfect match: A beautiful, talented, loving woman who will defy any constraints to follow her passions, including Asher!

Ideal date: A romantic day spent at a secret lake, swimming and relaxing in his lover’s arms, secluded from the outside world in a place meaningful to them both

Interests: Reporting on the complicated class, religious and socioeconomic realities in war-torn regions

Find him in: Beth Kery’s Behind The Curtain