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Meet Gunnar Falk…

Will fierce Gunnar, from Kate Baxter’s Last True Vampire series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Gunnar Falk

Location: Los Angeles

Profession: Alpha of the werewolf Forkbeard pack

Age: Over three hundred years old

Height: A tower of muscle and strength

Body type: A burly, tattooed and bearded werewolf

Hair: Long and straight, Gunnar sees no need to update his Viking hairstyle

Eyes: Icy blue Scandinavian eyes, which turn golden when his wolf comes out

Dress sense: Low-slung jeans and tight T-shirts

In a nutshell: A shrewd leader to his pack and a protective lover to his mate

Perfect match: A fierce and passionate vampire with an adventurous spirit

Ideal date: Making some crazy memories with his mate

Interests: Protecting and leading his pack, while reconciling them to his love for a vampire

Find him in: Kate Baxter’s Last True Vampire Series (hero of The Untamed Vampire)