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Meet Mick Hennessey…

Will devoted Mick, from Jill Shalvis’s Wildstone series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Mick Hennessey

Location: Wildstone and San Francisco

Profession:  Mick is a structural engineer with his own firm

Age: Early thirties

Height: Six foot

Body type: Tall and broad, he emanates quiet strength

Hair: Dark and soft to the touch

Eyes: Deep brown eyes emanating warmth

Dress sense:  Jeans and a t-shirt

In a nutshell:  Calm and reliable, Mick is a problem-solver

Perfect match: A stubborn woman with a big heart and a fear of bugs in her bathtub

Ideal date: Movie night with his family, pets and adopted siblings welcome!

Interests: His twelve-year-old golden retriever Coop

Find him in: Jill Shalvis’s Wildstone series (Hero of Lost and Found Sisters)