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Meet Rylan Cooper…

Will enterprising Rylan, from Alexandra Ivy’s Pretend You’re Safe, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?


Name: Rylan Cooper

Location: Heron, on the Mississippi River

Profession:  Owns a successful business licensing and maintaining a database for tracking cybercriminals

Age: Twenty-seven

Body type: Lithe but strong

Hair: Light blonde, bleached by the Californian sun

Eyes: An unusual golden brown

Dress sense:  Casual jeans and a sweatshirt

In a nutshell: Rylan can be bossy and arrogant, but he is fierce when it comes to protecting his loved ones

Perfect match: A courageous, independent woman

Ideal date: Cooking a delicious meal and showing his date that she is taken care of

Random fact: Rylan has a degree in criminal justice

Find him in: Alexandra Ivy’s Pretend You’re Safe