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Discover Every Vow She Breaks…

March Book of the Month

Chapter 1


The scent of burgers and fries drifted through the diner as the swinging kitchen door slapped against the wall. Claire Templeton’s mouth watered. With a sigh, she poked through her salad, stabbed a tomato and popped it into her mouth. Given her petite frame, eating fries wasn’t an option unless she wanted to look like the portly waitress. Not that the woman, who dwarfed the taxidermy bear in the restaurant’s entrance, was doing too badly at the moment.

Her ample bosom swayed as she set a plate loaded with a double-decker cheeseburger and onion rings on the table in front of the customer in the booth across from Claire. Customer didn’t do the man justice. Supreme specimen of manhood came close. Those naked Greek statues had nothing on this guy. Sun-streaked brown hair crowned a tanned face with bright blue eyes and a killer smile . . . which he was currently using as he requested extra mustard.

“I’ll get it right away, hon.” Augusta—if her nametag was to be believed—put one hand on her padded hip to lean in close. “You have to be the best-looking man ever to walk through that door.” A jerk of her head toward the bear set graying wisps of hair fluttering around an age-creased face. “If I were thirty years younger—”

“They’d arrest me for soliciting a minor.”

A robust laugh drowned the chatter of a family with three young children two booths down. “What a charmer.”

The linoleum floor shook as the woman rounded the end of the counter and disappeared into the kitchen.

Claire rolled her eyes. “She didn’t move like that when I asked for another slice of lemon in my iced tea.”

Her hunky neighbour met her gaze and grinned. “Didn’t your mama ever teach you you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar?”

“I didn’t want to catch flies. I wanted lemon.”

Something about his smile nagged at the back of her mind.

Nope. I’d never forget crossing paths with this man.

Augusta returned and plopped a bottle of yellow mustard on the tabletop. She gave Mr. Ruggedly Handsome a toothy smile. “You planning on being in town long?”

“A couple of days. I want to do some hiking in the redwoods around here.”

“Be sure to come back for breakfast. No one makes pancakes like Ralph.”

“I’ll do that. Can you recommend a campground? I drove by quite a few.”

“Take a right at the first cross street heading north and follow the road to the end. Towering Trees Campground has showers. Some of the others don’t. Enjoy your meal . . . er, what’s your name, hon?”

“Jed. Thanks for the tip . . . and the mustard.”

Claire’s head snapped around. Jed. Memories swirled. A laughing boy with bright blue eyes sliding worms down her shirt, hollering over his shoulder at her to ride faster, licking a triple-decker chocolate ice cream cone—

“Careful of your drink.”

She jerked her elbow back and slid the plastic glass away from the table’s edge. “Thanks.” Surely this man couldn’t be—

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