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Will Riley get A Measure of Love?

June Book of the Month


He was eight years old when he first saw her.

He stood, captivated, bicycle resting between his legs, as her family unloaded boxes from a U-Haul van outside a house down the street from his school. She twirled on the front lawn. Her blonde hair—sticking out from the sides of her head in pigtails—reached out like two helicopter blades as she whirled. She wore denim shorts, pink jelly shoes, and an even pinker T-shirt with a rainbow emblazoned on the front. She leaped and jumped, sang and laughed in the hot sun. She didn’t have a care in the world.

And she was just about the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

Looking back, he was pretty sure he fell in love with her that day. She was light, brightly colored, exciting, and new. She was laughter on summer days and adventures after school. Even though his brothers teased him mercilessly, he and the girl became fast friends, riding together on their bikes. The girl even had a skateboard, which she showed him how to ride. She climbed trees, threw rocks at dilapidated buildings, and stole candy from a shop because he dared her to.

She was the coolest thing ever.

They grew up together, fell out together, made up together, and shared their first kiss together when they were fourteen, when he realized he liked her in ways that made his body feel funny. She wasn’t just his best friend anymore—she was something more, something he thought about when he was alone and his brother urged him to look at pictures in the magazines his mother had warned him about.

It was on her seventeenth birthday when he finally showed her just what she meant to him. In his truck bed filled with covers and pillows, he slipped into her under the stars, whispering his love for her, promising her that it would never stop. That he would always feel that way about her. That there would never be anyone else for him. She was all he needed, all he would ever want.

With their whole lives ahead of them, naked and panting in the summer air, clinging to one another, they had no idea that, despite their promises, life had other plans.


“Harder! Oh God, fuck me harder!”

Riley Moore grinned as he gripped the slim calves resting against his shoulders. “Not God.” He pounded into her just as she’d asked, hard and powerful. “Just me.”

Dammit, he needed this.

“Oh yes! Give it to me!”

Her hair splayed like a giant black puddle across his pillow as her back arched and she began clenching around him, milking him in such a way that with three more deep, solid thrusts, he came with a loud grunt. He collapsed onto her, panting and gasping into her neck and the sweat collected by her collarbone.

“Holy shit, Moore,” she gasped as her legs flopped back down to the bed. She placed a hand between her breasts and shook her head. “You need to call me more often, honey.” She patted him on the back of the head.

“Right back at ya,” Riley replied, lifting his head and removing himself from her body.

He pulled off the condom and threw it in the trash, before tossing a towel toward the breathless woman splayed across his bed. He watched her wipe her body down from her neck to between her legs. Carla was damned nice to look at and she gave head like a fucking vacuum, but that’s where their relationship ended. The sex-based arrangement they’d had for months worked for them both.

Riley smirked while he pissed into the toilet basin, the post-coital glow wrapping around him like a warm hug. He flushed the john, washed his hands, and walked his naked ass back into his room. He nodded in appreciation when he saw Carla was already half dressed, fastening her bra. The zero emotional hurdles between them pleased Riley no end. She pulled on her white blouse and checked her makeup in a small hand mirror, touching the red marks Riley’s rough whiskers had left on her neck.

She side-eyed him accusingly and he shrugged in reply. She loved it. Most of the women who came to his bed did. Some even asked him to mark them, which he did without thought. It was sexy as hell to see his lust etched across his lovers.


A MEASURE OF LOVE is out on 21st June!

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