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Jo Watson on chocolate and not cooking…


Your current TV obsession?

I have so many. Love TV. Lurve it. My current obsession is An Hour to Save You on Netflix. I am in awe of these emergency service people who save lives on the side of the road. It’s seriously nail-biting, and a little heartbreaking too – I’ve had tears! And don’t get me started on The Handmaid’s Tale. It is brilliant and disturbing and dark and wonderful.


Your ultimate comfort food?

Mmmmm . . . not sure actually. Dark chocolate maybe. That super tasty Lindt one with the orange bits inside.


The last thing you saw at the cinema?

I really am not a fan of communal film watching. ould rather be at home in bed watching TV. But when I do go, it’s with my son, so probably something animated. Oh, and this one time I took my son to see a movie called A Dog’s Purpose, thinking it would be fun and cute . . . it wasn’t. We both cried. I think I actually traumatised him.


To dunk cookies or not?

I don’t drink milk! At all. I have a milk phobia – true story. I won’t go into the details now, but let’s just say I had a traumatic encounter with milk when I was younger. So no dunking for me!


If you could star in any role?

Interesting question . . . I think I would star in anything set in space. Since I will probably not get to see it in my lifetime. So a good sci-fi would do. Maybe even the first Star Trek with Spock and Kirk – very retro with bad effects, I think that would be pretty fun.


Your most-used cookbook?

Hahah! Who are these woman that have the time or the inclination to cook? I don’t cook. At all. Sometimes I bake, that’s the only thing I can do with an oven.


Tea or coffee?

I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago – it makes me super-hyper. In a very bad way. So tea. In South Africa we have something called rooibos tea, it’s very tasty – no milk though. Obvs.


The show you wish had not been cancelled?

Sooo many. It seems that when a show is good, it’s cancelled. Suburgatory, Arrested Development, Flight of the Concords, Deadwood, Carnival, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe . . . I could basically go on for a paragraph. But I’ll stop here.


Starter or dessert?

It’s weird, on some days I feel savory, and others sweet. I don’t have a definitive fave, so I guess it would depend on the mood.


The reality TV show(s) you would go on?

Every single one – except anything with a Kardashian. I might even rather go on one of those Naked and Afraid and stranded-on-an-island shows before a Kardashian show!