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Meet the Last True Vampire …

August Book of the Month Chapter One The vampire knew of no one on the face of the earth that he despised as fervently as the Sortiari. As the self-proclaimed influencers of Fate, Mikhail wondered […]

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Are you ready for Second Chance Summer?

July Book of the Month     Chapter 1 After fighting a brush fire at the base of Cedar Ridge for ten straight hours, Aidan Kincaid had only three things on his mind: sex, pizza, […]

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A sexy peek of A Pound of Flesh

June Book of the Month     Prologue   The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is dearly bought; ’tis mine and I will have it. —The Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene […]

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A glittering sneak peek of Glimmer…

May Book of the Month   It began with a dazzling seduction … Beth Kery returns with GLIMMER, the passionate and intensely romantic story of Alice Reed and Dylan Fall.   ONE   Alice Reed […]

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Say My Name… A sneak peek

April Book of the Month   Are you ready for Jackson Steele? Return to the enticing and explosive world of Stark, with the first in J. Kenner’s scorching Stark International trilogy, SAY MY NAME.   […]

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A passionate excerpt from Deep Blue Eternity

March Book of the Month   Experience the heartstopping tale of angst and redemption in this excerpt from Natasha Boyd’s new novel, DEEP BLUE ETERNITY.   CHAPTER ONE I wondered what would piss off my […]

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A sexy sample of Quarterback Draw

February Book of the Month   Indulge in this sexy excerpt from the ninth Play-By-Play novel by Jaci Burton, QUARTERBACK DRAW.   Chapter 1 If there was one thing Grant Cassidy hated more than anything, […]

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A sneak peek… Teardrop Lane

January Book of the Month A tantalising excerpt from Emily March’s ninth Eternity Springs title! February Eternity Springs, Colorado   Rose Anderson removed her stethoscope from her ears and patted the silver-haired gentleman on his […]

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A sensual excerpt from Have Me

November Book of the Month Chapter 1 Mrs. Damien Stark. Those three simple words fill my thoughts as they have all morning, ever since I spoke the magic words that transformed me from Nikki Louise […]

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Meet Colton Abbott…

Will rugged Colton, from Marie Force’s Green Mountain series, be your #EternalBookBoyfriend?   Name: Colton Abbott Location: Butler, Vermont Profession: Running a maple sugaring facility, the produce of which is sold in the Abbott family […]

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