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Book of the month

I just Love To Hate You…

February Book of the Month 1. Bad Taste In Wigs Don’t ask me how the hell it happened . . . I could blame it on the vodka. Maybe I could blame it on JJ […]

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Are you prepared for the End Game?

January Book of the Month Chapter One “I will live to hurt you. I will live to torture you. You will die a slow, painful death for this.” Adrian Martina, drug lord and monster that […]

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Who wants to Cowboy Up?

December Book of the Month Chapter One The bright, speeding blaze of lightning shooting through and across the night sky illuminates the road ahead of me. The enormous boom of thunder that follows quickly on […]

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Unravel these Twisted Truths…

November Book of the Month Chapter One Present day Noni tossed her laptop and stack of maps on the faded patchwork bedspread, her eyes gritty and her temples aching. The battered electric heater rattled from […]

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Get ready for The Weekend…

October Book of the Month Chapter One Thursday Afternoon Emmy Why do we always have to be dazzled by the things we can’t have? The things that could destroy us? Ruin us? Tear us into […]

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Be in stitches with Breaking Hollywood…

October Book of the Month Chapter One Ava Don’t cry. Don’t you dare cry, Ava Simms. You’ve gotten through harder things than losing your job. I’ve lost my job. Shit. I’ve lost my job. My […]

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Burn bright like a Firefly…

September Book of the Month Prologue Lily A crippling acceptance washed over me in the split second that seemed to last forever and pass within a beat of my heart. Because I knew it would […]

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Find redemption with The Lost Vampire…

August Book of the Month Chapter 1   The bright lights of the Seattle cityscape appeared like stars in a vast universe as the 747 made its descent. The Space Needle jutted into the skyline […]

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Feel the Wicked Grind…

July Book of the Month Prologue   I’d thought he was out of my life forever. That all that remained of him was a memory, sharp and forbidden. Terrifying, yet tempting. The one man who […]

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Discover the Lost and Found Sisters

June Book of the Month Chapter 1 I walk around like everything is fine but deep down inside my shoe my sock is sliding off.  —from “The Mixed-Up Files of Tilly Adams’s Journal” Here was […]

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Truth, dare, or Lethal Lies?

May Book of the Month Chapter 1 Present day Pictures of dead girls lined the east wall of the small home office, their eyes somehow accusatory. Anya Best paced the new carpet in the temporary […]

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Stay behind with Master Professor…

April Book of the Month One   In the history of dumb and stupid ideas, Andie Lincoln couldn’t shake the feeling that her current endeavor was the dumbest and most stupid of them all. She […]

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